The 1960's

During the 1960's, the style of the fifties was extended when it came to suits. So, you had closely fitting suits with some shoulder padding that were worn with narrow ties. Trousers were rather narrow, a little more tapered towards the ankle and short so you wouldn’t see a break on the shoe.



 Even if there were cuffs or no cuffs, fabrics were still rather heavy and textured, but they made some advancements and now added nylon and new artificial fibers to the fabric because that was a new thing.

At that same vein, sport coats with bolder patterns seem to be favored for more muted ones. A good glimpse of the style of the 1960's can be seen in the series Mad Men: people wearing bold plaid coats and slim suits to the office. The style came to halt in the 1970's which can be considered to be a low point in the history of the suit and men’s fashion, in general.


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