The 1980's

The 80's, on the other hand, were a lot better for the suit. If we had to break it down to one thing, it would probably be the power suit. It was popularized first by Richard Gere in American Gigolo but also on TV by Miami Vice



The central figure in this suit silhouette was Giorgio Armani. The Italian had a suit jacket that was soft yet broad in the shoulders, had wider lapels with a much lower gorge yet a very very little buttoning point. Overall, Armani created a very defining suit silhouette but today, it is easily dated as the 1980's because of that.


Another great example of the power suit was the stuff that Michael Douglas wore is Gordon Gekko in the film Wall Street. All those suits are the epitome of what a power suit is to this day. In short, you saw the return of the double-breasted suit, you saw pinstripes again and full-cut pants.


Even though Armani essentially reduced the structure of the suit and made it very soft, it was still considered to be something that had strong or large shoulders and a defiant silhouette. In general, the 80's were a time of excess and a celebration of capitalism and the power suit was a direct expression of that time.


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