The 2000's

In contrast, the early 2000's saw the return of the slim-fit suit. The new millennium brought a total reaction to the fully cut, puddling suits of the eighties and nineties, and went back more to a minimalist style that we had seen before in the 1940's. Some would even argue that it went back more to a sixties mod-style suit.


Not only did the suit get slimmer but it also got shorter and the buttoning point got higher. At the same time, some people preferred to wear the black suit as an easy way to create a minimalist uniform that was reduced. Pants were often hemmed quite short, jackets had narrow lapels, and a perfect example of that is Thom Browne, who made extremely short jackets and pants. Others like Tom Ford, for example, had still slimmer cut suits, but they weren’t as extreme. Because of that, Tom Ford suits can still be worn today, whereas Thom Browne suits are more a fashion statement than something a regular man would wear in an everyday setting.


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