The Golden Age of Classic Menswear (1930's)

The 1930's were characterized by a suit that had a heavy drape cut with a wide shoulder, a lot of waist suppression, high-rise trousers that were just cut very full and just tapered slightly towards the shoes. It was the number one style in England and in the US but also, places like Vienna.


Jackets were typically a bit longer and had no vents in the back for an ideal clean line when you would stand. Also bear in mind, the fabrics were sold quite heavy, so they draped well, and they didn’t wrinkle very much. The look was very masculine, and it built the basis of a very heroic look on the silver screen. Just look at Cary Grant or Clark Gable who perfectly used the suit to underline their personalities in the movies. 


Overall, a 1930's drape style was a little more refined, more tapered towards the leg compared to the late 1920's suits. Even today, the 1930's are often referred to as the “golden age of classic menswear,” in big part because of the way the suits were designed. 


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